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The foundation of our organization

For over 40 years Arcos has built and developed hydraulic cylinders. That amount of experience has resulted in a unique capacity to design and construct cylinders in all shaped and sizes. Today we are a leading developer on the global market and we like nothing better than to create new cylinders together without customers. At Arcos we have an engineering department consisting of 3 mechanical engineers developing and designing both new cylinders and the ones we get to refurbish. Our constructions department with their combined experience is one of the reasons you should choose Arcos as your hydraulic supplier.

Designing new and customized hydraulic cylinder

At Arcos there is very little mass production our specialty is complicated customized hydraulic cylinder that require knowledge and experience to make. To be able to create these cylinders we have our engineering department designated to create the ideas, design the cylinders and make it possible for us to manufacture your desired cylinder. Before our engineers can start developing your cylinder they will need to know the installation dimensions and the field of application. Armed with that information they can start supplying you with ideas and make suggestions that will make your cylinder work better and will give you a problem free operation.

All our engineers are educated in sealing solutions and is more than happy to help you find the best seals for your field of application, whether its regarding media, temperatures or you would like to reduce friction they will make suggestions that will prolong your cylinders life span.

Our mechanical engineers work in auto-cad and establishes drawings for all hydraulic cylinders and the parts containing. Drawings, documentation and compilations are provided after delivery has been completed. All the documents regarding your cylinder are archived and available whenever you need them. The main reason we keep the documents are so when you like to order more cylinders or send it for refurbishment we already have the drawings ready and we can shorten the lead time.

Designing in refurbishment and renovation of hydraulic cylinders

All the cylinders sent for refurbishment passes our constructions department. Our engineers are responsible for taking their measurements making drawings in auto-cad. When you choose Arcos for your renovation needs we look at the whole cylinder. Our engineers make decisions whether the parts can be reused after treatment or if we should manufacture new ones. When our engineers create drawings for your cylinder, they take your notes and wishes into consideration and makes suggestions on how you can improv your cylinder.

When you choose Arcos as your partner our engineers makes sure you get all the drawing and documentation regarding your cylinder when the renovation is completed. The documentation is also archived and used as a foundation when you choose to come back for your future renovation needs. Being able to track which actions been made in the past our engineers can detect patterns and make suggestions on which adjustments are appropriate for maintaining a longer operation.


Cylinders to use in your designs

For those of you using solid components use the link below to find our standard cylinders.



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