Pneumatic doctor oscillator for wire and press section manufactured in acid-proof steel. Connected with just one air hose. Long life span, reliable, no engine that wears down and no maintenance are some of the characteristics for S-520.

The oscillator is mainly an acid-proof steel cylinder. The valve controlling the oscillating functions mounted in the cap, sealed from water by an acid-proof casting. The speed for the in- and out movement is easily adjusted with a screw situated under a plug in the casing.
• Adjustable speed 3-20 strokes/min. Traction force 11500N. Stroke length 16 mm.
• S-520 is designed especially for oscillation of doctors in, for example, wire and press section.
• S-520 is designed so that it can replace Valmet´s existing oscillators without any other fastening devices.
• S-520 moves smoothly and has variable speed transmission.
• S-520 is connected with a hose to a compressed air system with clean air.
• Cylinder diameter 160mm.
• Recommended pneumatic pressure: 6 bar.
• Pulling force at 6 bar: 1100 kg.
• Temperature: max 150°C
• Stroke length: specified when ordered (16mm standard).
• Stroke length: specified when ordered (16mm standard).