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A Hydraulic cylinder can be developed and renovated in many ways. A hydraulic cylinder basically consists of a cylinder pipe, piston rod, endings and seals which sound easy enough to make. We don’t see it as an easy construction, there are a lot of factors to considers while making a reliable construction. Our mission is to create reliable hydraulic cylinders that provides a long and problem free use for our customers.

Fields of application

Today Arcos-cylinders can be found in hydropower plants, steelworks, paper mills, cranes and the mining industry. We develop and manufacture hydraulic cylinders for your constructions, irrespective of where your cylinders are placed we will find you the best solution.


In the menu, you find our standard collection of hydraulic cylinders and the custom fitted cylinders. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have questions about your project contact our marketing director.


Owe Lindkvist
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S-160                                                         S-161




S-200                                                         S-300



25 CA                                                     HCN 16




LHA 25                                                   TCD

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