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In the menu to your left you can read about or standard collection of cylinder. We make both single acting and double acting hydraulic cylinders that can be used in many different fields of applications.

All our hydraulic cylinders are designed for medium heavy and heavy industrial use. If you are interested in cylinders for heavy mobile use check out S-160 and S-200.

The sealing systems of the cylinders are adaptable to achieve the best possible functions. To ensure highest quality cylinder pipes, all welding is completed before processing the pipe.


If you can’t find what you are looking for in our standard collection remember that we custom design most of our cylinders. Contact our salesmen who can help create and develop a cylinder specified for your needs.


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S-160                                                         S-161




S-200                                                         S-300



25 CA                                                     HCN 16




LHA 25                                                   TCD

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