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The S-161 cylinder is designed for medium heavy industrial use and heavy mobile use. In close co-operation with our customers we have met the demands of optimal function and simplicity in maintenance, at a low cost.
The S-161 is manufactured in steel, stainless steel and acid-proof steel.

  • S-161 is available in seven standard dimensions. If other dimensions are required, contact ARCOS.
  • S-161 is a standard equipped with multi-lip seals that handles hydrolysis, temperatures from -55 to +155°C, water/glycol and most environmentally compatible oils.
  • S-161 is designed to achieve maximum bearing.
  • S-161 is as an option available with position sensors.
  • S-161 is designed according to ISO STANDARD 6020-1, CETOP RP 58, NF E 48-015, VW 39 D920.
  • S-161 has six different means of mounting.
  • S-161 is available with custom adapted seal concepts.
  • S-161 is as an option available with SAE flange connections according to ISO/DIS 6162.2.


Mineral oil according to. DIN 51 524 HFC (water/glycol), most synthetic esters and environmentally compatible oils

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