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The S-300 series was designed in close co-operation with the Swedish steel industry. Our engineers have optimized this design, and based it on the specific requirements demanded by the steel mills.

  • S-300 is manufactured in SS2172, SS2333 or SS2343 steel.
  • S-300 is designed for 35 MPa continuous working pressure, intermittently to 55 MPa.
  • S-300 is available in 13 diameters from Ø50 to 320 mm.
  • S-300 is designed according to ISO-Standard 6022, which makes it internationally exchangeable.
  • S-300 is available with fixed or adjustable damping.
  • S-300 is as an option available with position sensors.
  • S-300 is designed so that there is no metallic contact between moving parts.
  • S-300 is available, as standard, with two different types of seal, either with V-seals or U-seals. Cylinders with the latter type seal can also be used as servo cylinders (low friction seals).
  • S-300 is stocked, as standard, position cushioned or non-cushioned.
  • S-300 can be fitted with 9 different means of mounting.
  • S-300 is designed for high availability, long life span and easy maintenance.
  • S-300 is designed so that the user can easily switch between the two seal alternatives available as standard.



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