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Pneumatic schaberoscillator for dry section made of surface-treated aluminum for better corrosion protection and reduced friction and weight. Long service life, high reliability, no motor wear, no service required, are some of the characteristics of the S-524.

The valve that manages the oscillation function is mounted in the gable, covered by an acid-proof cover that is sealed against water. The speed of entry and exit is easily adjusted with a hexagonal screw, under a plug in the hood.

• Adjustable speed 3-20 bpm. Towing force 11500N. Stroke length 16 mm.
• Designed especially for dry oscillation with temperatures up to 150 degrees.
• Suitable for direct replacement of Valmet's existing oscillators and requires no other fasteners. Can be manufactured with desired stroke length. Standard 16 mm.
• Has a smooth running and step less adjustable speed.
• Connect with only one air hose to a compressed air system with clean air.
• Cylinder diameter 160mm.
• Recommended air pressure 6 bar.
• Tension force at 6 bar 1100 kg.
• Stroke length indicated by order (16mm standard).
• Weight 11 Kg.

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