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Twice as powerful


Hydraulic shower pipe oscillator.

Long life span, reliable, no engine that wears down, no maintenance, constant speed in both directions and change of direction without delay are some of the characteristics for Arcos S-601.

The oscillator consists of two sections: the mechanical oscillation cylinder, complete with valve package and electric control unit, which is to be placed in an electric cabinet. The electric control unit can be connected to a process computer, or it can be controlled directly e.g. from a control desk.

  • The oscillator is made in acid-proof steel.

  • Steeples adjustment of stroke length and speed.

  • Speed range 3-300 mm/min.

  • Traction force max 25000N.

  • Max stroke length 310 mm.

  • Changes direction without delay.

  • S-601 is available in two variants: manual speed adjustment with fluid valve, or remote controlled with proportional valve.

  • Low oil consumption.

  • Control system and oscillator have all signals needed for safe use.

  • Weight 36 Kg.


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