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Arcos cylinder series C60 is an ISO-6431 nominated, double-acting pneumatic cylinder. It has adjustable position cushioning and is designed for medium heavy to heavy use. The cylinder is built entirely of steel and has piston rod made of polished, chromium plated steel. Piston rod of stainless steel is available as alternative for corrosive environments. The cylinder body is chromium plated on the inside, which gives it a hard-wearing surface and very good protection against corrosion. The tie rod has been made longer to allow for easier fastening of fittings. 

  • C60 is built in diameters from 250 mm to 320 mm and has standardised strokes from 50 to 1000 mm. C60 can also be delivered with other stroke lengths as necessary.
  • To make maintenance as simple as possible, we have used lubricant filled bearings throughout the cylinder. This enables the cylinder to be connected to systems without additional lubrication, which gives a better working environment and simplifies the installation.
  • The cylinder is adapted to standard according to ISO 6431, which gives a standardized fastening for a complete program of fittings.
  • Position cushioning. Easily adjusted cushioning in both end positions. There are adjustment screws placed on the cylinder caps close to the connection ports.
  • Maintenance. The cylinder is fully lubricated and can be used in systems without additional lubrication.
  • Easy to be serviced. The detachable seal- and bearing sleeve shortens service time.


  • Svängfäste MP2
  • Svängfäste MP4
  • Fotfäste MS1
  • Flänsfäste MF1 och MF2
  • Midjefäste MT4
  • Lagerbock
  • Gaffelfäste  


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