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Reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders


We dedicate a large part of our business to refurbishing cylinders.
At Arcos we renovate all of types of hydraulic cylinders and our refurbishing works is located next door to our subsidiaries Swecrom which specialize in surface treatment with chromium. Together we hold the knowledge to take on any refurbishment work you would like to send our way.


Why should you choose to renovate your cylinders?

The main reason refurbishment of hydraulic cylinders is so popular is cost efficiency. In most cases its more economically friendly to keep an old cylinder going than purchasing a new one, we also contribute to a better environment when we choose to refurbish old parts instead of making new ones.


What do we refurbish?

  • Refurbish hydraulic cylinder

  • Renovate piston rod

  • Surface treatments

  • Extend piston rod

  • Renovate cylinders

  • Pneumatic cylinders

  • Change / upgrade seals

  • Change hydraulic components

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If you have any questions about refurbishment contact our salesmen

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