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Renovation process

Interested in what happens when your cylinder comes to us for renovation? Here you can largely follow the process and see why you should choose arcos for your renovation needs.

• The first step when a cylinder arrives is that it is registered, marked with order number and photographed.
• Your wishes and observations are documented as work instructions before disassembly.
• When disassembled, the cylinder is picked apart and washed.
• The cylinder is measured and construction assesses what measures should be taken and draws up the proposed measures before starting production.
• The cylinder parts are polished, the seals are replaced, new parts are manufactured, and the cylinder is reassemble.
• The final steps in the renovation process are testing, painting and marking according to customer requests before packing to return to customer.

All of our renovations are provided with testing protocols, compilation drawings and associated spare parts list, where all components are item-numbered for full traceability. With us, we save all documentation and, therefore, in the future, when you choose to renovate with us again, we can look back on how the cylinder was last renovated and what parts been undergoing any measures.



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