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Seal-kits and spare parts

We provide complete seal-kits, spare parts and seals for all our cylinders. With all our cylinders and parts numbered we will quickly find the right seals for your needs.


We believe in warehousing seals and components. While others reduce their inventory, we believe availability and quick delivery is an advantage for both our customers and us. We work close together with our suppliers to make sure we can give you the best service and delivery time possible.

What we can supply:

  • Complete seal-kits

  • Singular seals such as guide strips, wipers, piston seals, guide rings and more.

  • Piston rods

  • Covers


If you have any questions please contact us:

Owe Lindkvist – 0046 243 820 75

Isabel Svensson – 0046 243 820 75


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