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Work environment policy

Arcos goal is a great working environment, both physically, psychologically and socially. It has to be a good balance between man, machine, and organization.

· We put safety first by holding a good knowledge of applicable laws and regulations in the field of health and safety at work.

· We remove occupational safety hazards and wear appropriate protective equipment when required.

· Together we strive to continually improve our working environment, prevent work injury, reduce work-related sickness absence and work on rehabilitation at an early stage.

· We have chosen to develop our working environment through constant improvements.


Quality policy

We will be leading in our industry at marketing, manufacturing and refurbish hydraulic cylinders. Our customer base is qualified and quality conscious, they place high demands on performance, function, quality, and price.

Thus, it is a necessity for our company's profitability and survival that our products' quality and price are at a competitive level.

To ensure this we shall:

· Deliver products to the customer's expected quality, price, and service

· Together we follow the zero error principle and work with continuous improvements in all stages, through careful analysis and fact-based decisions

· We have established and measurable quality goals that are continually monitored and revised

· Our skilled employees are aware of our customers' high demands and actively contribute to achieving customer requirements and company's quality goals.

· Ensure our customers' demands for quality and service through a strong commitment from the company's management

· Comply with the law and government requirements


Environmental policy

Arcos Hydraulik AB participates in our customers' environmental work by providing products that meet industrial operations and demanding environments standard. By providing a production environment with a great environmental performance we contribute to fewer operational failures.

· When designing products and choosing production technology, we consider environmental aspects based on the requirements of the current product.

· We strive for production with products that meet product specification and low disposal.

· We strive for the efficient use of materials and energy in our production.

· We comply with applicable laws to prevent emissions.

· We sort waste.

· For our freight transport, we hire freight forwarding companies that allow simultaneous freight loading.

· We develop our own environmental work and our environmental management system through constant improvements.

· All employees are responsible for upholding the environmental policy in their daily work.

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