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Every day a person has over 100 meetings and here with us every one of these meetings has the same importance, whether we are meeting a colleague or a customer they are all treated the same. When people meet new interactions and ideas occur which can create new exciting beginnings. The meeting is the very first step when you’re thinking of purchasing one of our hydraulic cylinders.  Whether the meeting occurs by phone, in person or by e-mail you will encounter our knowledgeable salesmen who in cooperation with you will find the best cylinders for your needs.


Construction of your cylinders
When you have reached an agreement on how the cylinders should work your order is sent along to our construction department. Our construction department consists of three mechanical engineers which oversee the construction and development of new cylinders and oversee which treatment your renovations should undergo. All our mechanical engineers work in AutoCAD and are here to help you get the best cylinder possible for your needs.


When your hydraulic cylinders been drawn in auto cad and the pieces are ready to be produced our production team takes over the responsibility and start producing the cylinder parts. While production is ongoing in our modern machine park the parts have full traceability and are thoroughly quality tested. The mechanics who then put your cylinder together oversee testing and protocol execution. Before your hydraulic cylinders are ready to be delivered it is either sent for painting or is painted in our workshop based on your preferences.


Your cylinder is ready for delivery when it's been painted, passed through a final inspection and all the documents have been collected. The last stop before delivery is our shipping department. They make sure your order is correctly packaged and thoroughly secured for a safe delivery. When delivery is completed you are sent all the documentation regarding your order, such as drawings, quality control document and testing documents. A copy of each document is stored here with us and serve as a basis for when in the future you would like to renovate your cylinder or if you would like to purchase more of the same kind.


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